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The Golden Retriever

The companionship of a healthy well balanced dog is indescribable.  They are wonderful, loyal friends and great fitness monitors as they won't let you take a rain day! 

Golden Retrievers are a fabulous and versatile breed.    Hunting, Therapy, Obedience, Agility and happy to curl up by the fire.  They are a fantastic breed for a younger family (although like any breed, should never be left unsupervised with a child).

The European type goldens tend to have a lower energy level than some of the American lines but still love a good long yomp in the woods or fields.   They are still fabulous hunters and are easy to train.

Water retrievers, goldens love to swim.   Their double coats help trap the heat and in the summer help keep them cool.   That's the reason goldens are never to be shaved.   But do need good brushing and combing regularly.

One of the endearing aspects of a well bred golden is their ability to work in the morning, do a therapy dog visit in the afternoon and run a flawless agility round in the evening.   Their versitility is one of the best parts of Golden ownership and what keeps them as one of the top 10 most popular breeds world wide.

Arrowsflight Pretty Paige RI THD PCD CGN VN

GCh Spiritrider Card to Coppermoon THD RI CGN VN


GCh Coppermoon Sm'Orlagh Bug RN CGN

GChB Coppermoon Orlagh's Happy One RN CGN

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Oonagh - Gaelic for The One

Oonagh, also known as Spoon (Oonagh Spooner) is the youngest of our girls.  Born as at the very beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, she is a remarkable girl.  Confident and fun without be over zealous.  She is a lover of humans and other dogs.  A true social butterfly.  A wonderful candidate for Therapy Dog work when we are able.  

Oonagh was late to the show ring due to the Pandemic, however, has more than made up for lost time.   

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