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Accountable ethical breeder of European Style Golden Retrievers


Welcome to Orl​agh ​Goldens, home of carefully and lovingly bred golden retrievers.  

Orlagh is the Gaelic word for Golden or Golden Princess and is also the name of our eldest girl.  Fondly known as Orlagh Smaller.  It seemed appropriate for the rich, wonderful and sparkling personality of our goldens and the value of the relationships they engender.    


Anna with Orlagh and Ellie on the Alberta Prairies

A little about Anna

Born and raised in the UK, Anna joined the British Army and served predominantly in Germany before coming to and falling in love with Canada.   

As a young Captain, Anna bought her first Golden Retreiver.  A wonderful and happy sweet girl named Ellie.  Determined to have the best behaved and well trained dog on Base, Anna worked hard to learn about dog training, behaviour and psychology.   Ellie moved with Anna wherever she was posted and was the reason she became a trainer.

Skip forward 13 years and as Anna prepared for retirement in Ontario with Ellie and young Orlagh, Shannon Flynn came into their lives.  Shannon is the breeder of Coppermoon goldens.  European style goldens who caught Anna's eye.  Shannon mentored Anna as she enters the adventure and challenge that is breeding.   Teaching her about the desired structure, temperament, the stringent health requirements among other things.   


Anna now lives in Ontario and runs an elite award winning Daycare and Boarding facility.   Her favourite pass time is camping and showing at dog shows with her five goldens.


Working with dogs daily and training them and their owners for over 20 years, Anna says, "You really never stop learning about dogs and their behaviour.   Realising what you have learned is the light bulb moment."  

This site is still being built.  Please bare with us but feel free to email us with any questions Thank you :)

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